EMERGENCY SELF RESPONSE TEAM!(Compassion and the Car Accident)


Hello Tomorrow People! I have been contemplating this blog greatly the last week. I am very new to this and really see something positive coming out of my ideas. I was hoping that one of my first writings would be profound, well thought out and yes edited. Well boy do things change!

Yesterday I was headed North on a very busy road in my home town. Driving home from work I was in the left hand lane of the two lane street. The car next to me decided they really needed to be in my lane because they could no longer tailgate the vehicle ahead of them. As I started to see them driving into me the only thing I could do was move into the turning lane which caused me to slam on my breaks, spin a 180 in the middle of the road and leave me staring at the cars on the other side of the street driving into me. With my hands gripped to the steering wheel checking to make sure I was safe and others around me were okay I realized something….no one stopped. No one stopped to see if I was okay, what happened or assist me to get out of the road…nothing, no one!

Upset and shook up I got myself out of the road and called my husband for strength to get back on the road and make the rest of the 2 mile drive home. So close to home, yes but it felt like I was driving forever! Once I calmed down I took to Facebook first, where I usually post my comments about jerk drivers and other little tid bits of my day. I received the appropriate response from friends and family, happy that I was home safe and nothing major happened to me physically. Some of them were even upset that I was emotionally hurt. Then something else happened.

I started to discuss with others and myself the meaning of compassion on the road, in the stores, in general. I drive for a living from one appointment to the next all day long. Close calls happen. Accidents happen. This however was not what upset me the most rather than the fact that no one stopped. Had I seen what just happened to me would I have stopped? I would like to think that I would have. These are the actions, the thoughts and things I am speaking of when I look into myself daily to improve the me I want to be, how we RESPOND to others and the consequences for not accepting a challenge.

And then I see this before lying in my bed, safe and warm….



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