Not to get all Seussical but….


Christmas Eve conjures up more memories for me then Christmas day ever has and I am convinced ever will be. It’s a day when all of the worries and rushing go away and relaxation enters my body for the first time all year, really. The racing for presents makes no sense to me anymore and yes, there was a time I was one of the first ones at the door. I worked in retail and witnessed immense amounts of greed and now working in Human Services I witness the need. I have seen through a winter storm families and friends come together and maybe the blessing was really the Weather. Now that shopping is done and presents under the tree I sit here and comtemplate what Christmas means to me! We all know it’s not about the material things but about the joy that this time of year brings. My Neice waiting for Santa and the magic he makes is more about giving than what we can take. There is no amount of wealth that money can buy when you see Christmas through a child’s eye. When I sit here and think about life as it’s been and how I would do it all over again. I look at my husband who puts up with my crap and can’t not wonder if it all was a trap. How did we get so lucky to find each other and that my real Christmas present is one another!

I could go on forever but the Suess in me says no! Feel free to share your thoughts for tomorrow…. GO!



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