Today we will thank the Snow Plow Driver, Tomorrow will be safe to drive!


As the whole country is under extremely cold temperatures I am able to sit on my couch warm and safe working on all my projects while keeping in touch with my supervisor via email and phone. I am in a part of WNY that has not seen the worst of the snow accumulation but work in these areas. I am blessed with this but others are not! The one thing that Buffalo does do well is prepare, we may not think so when we are traveling down side streets after a foot of snow but the drivers out there are so under appreciated and its truly a thankless job. We go about our day complaining about having to go to work or how “crappy” the roads are and you didn’t even see a plow! Even the tow truck driver gets thanked personally. So this today goes out to ALL the Plow Drivers out there who endure the extreme temps and put their lives in danger so we can go about our business in the winter! Coming from Buffalo where we have more winter than summer months we need to keep them in mind. So THANK YOU! I will be staying off the roads today so they may complete their job, go home, sleep and be with their families as I am home with mine.


Toni (from Tomorrow)

P.S. Please check on your friends, neighbors and especially the elderly!

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