Thank you to my First “UN-Liker”….Negative Energy Container!


Well as I decide how to guage my happiness and continue Blogging, I joined Twitter. WOW! The first thing I did of course was check into who is tagging Tomorrow and Tomorrowism, naturally right? Well then I started liking things and Following as a good Twitterist does. I found all sorts of positive places that I can relate to and share with my Tomorrow People. I was on a roll, still looking for more fellow leaders to share with (I do not like the word follow, followers, following). Exciting right? It gets better! Then someone I do not know from any other social media or even real life starts following. They even #tomorrowism! OMG! So I head right over because I am stalking my own accounts waiting for this moment. I click and BOOM! Negativity, go figure. I read the one sentence this gentlemen wrote after liking my page and unliking me, which for the record is awesome. I do not want any naysayers sticking around for too long clogging up OUR Positivity. Remember, what I am doing here is for all of us! Okay back to the cyber bully. He starts going into that there is no hope for tomorrow or tomorrowism and we should remain in the present and that tomorrowism is Bull****. I sent no reply, did not feed in and instead started #ing the hell out of Tomorrowism and buried his comments.

These events led me to think a little more about the intentions of the idea I am pursuing. I am not here to change your religious or political views. I am not here to make you feel like a lesser version of who you want or thought you may be today. I am here only to “excentuate the positive” so to speak. Eliminating fear, providing a place where WE can store our goals and celebrate achievements.

So in conclusion, I thank said “Bully”, disbeliever, Negative Energy Container!


Toni (from Tomorrow)

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