Curiosity is not Instinct; rather it is an Emotion!

All my life I have been curious. When I was a little girl I was curious about small things like bugs and who would stop if I opened up a lemonade stand. As I grew I was curious about boys and friends, what about me they would like and if they didn’t like me I was even more curious as to how I could get them to like me. Now as an adult I continue to find myself still curious, even more so than ever. Albert Einstein said it best, it’s a miracle that Curiosity has survived formal education!

This leads me to think that curiosity did NOT kill the cat but rather opened up its world to endless possibilities. The cat, because it was curious, climbed up the tree to see what she could see. Already up there she became curious and needed to get down so she jumped and survived. Cats do not have 9 lives they just have more curiosity running through their bodies and have eliminated fear. I am not going to talk about fear today specifically but it is difficult to bring up curiosity without it. The caveman curious about what’s around the corner or over the hill, what is that orange ball in the sky and why does it go away and come back? If it was not for the basic emotion of curiosity where would invention and ingenuity be today?

Curiosity as an emotion? Yes. I am Curious but I feel it. I feel the need to explore everything around me. This then eliminates my fear and allows me to learn and grow in the areas that I get to choose. You might be asking how this applies to Tomorrow? Well if we are not curious today how will tomorrow move towards progress and change? Lots of questions, I know, it’s my curiosity setting in this morning. How will you use YOUR curiosity today and everyday to enhance your Tomorrow and eliminate your fear? Let’s talk, I am curious!

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