Meditate on this….

Hello, Tomorrow People! I am well on my way to kicking my smoking habit, 8 weeks and counting in my “Jar of Awesome”(see previous post). The last 8 weeks, I have been exploring something that I used to practice daily but was led astray. Meditation has re-entered my life and I am picking up right where I left off. The Religious or Spiritual consequences that come with meditation are not my main interest, but are welcomed, rather I am exploring a new state of consciousness. I am committed to always being self aware, subjective of myself and become the executive of my mind. I am much happier and along with this, those around me are happier or they are not attracted to my energy and have decided to stay in their place of negativity. This is the me I wish to shed through positivity and MY Tomorrowism.

We each have a tomorrow, we do. I do not disagree with those that say live in the moment or tomorrow is a place for procrastination. I actually agree with them! I will admit that sometimes I put things off until tomorrow to do what I WANT to do NOW rather than what I HAVE to! What I now do more though is slow down, meditate and change what my brain is telling me I HAVE to do. If one is truly living in the moment does that not mean that they are doing something today that they would approve of tomorrow? This is the question I ask myself and YOU!

Meditation is for ME and it may be for you. With so many options for self development out there and 7 Billion ways of seeing the world and counting, the possibilities are endless, truly. Lots of ideas are brewing and I plan on sharing the details of my meditations. Until then, BE KIND Today for a BETTER Tomorrow!

Toni from Tomorrow

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