The waiting….

To the people taking care of my family, Thank you. As I wait in our local hospital for the surgeon to let us know that my father has made it through heart surgery I cant help but feel I have been in this place too many times to count. The same waiting area where we waited for my father in law and then my husband (4 times). I am most sure that the people in this facility have open hearts and the ability to do the work their path has set them on. The waiting truly IS the hardest part and there is not much more I can do then use the tools I have been given up to this point to help the time pass. I am sitting and observing other families and even loved ones waiting alone. Some are reading, watching television, conversing, pacing. Everyone expressing similar emotion in different ways but all the same…concern. In conclusion while I am waiting I will remember to be aware that my thoughts, actions, words can change my environment and this is the only thing in my power to control other than my thanks to the people taking care of my family.



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2 Responses to The waiting….

  1. Wish you and your family the best šŸ™‚


    • tasullvan says:

      Thanks Irene, he is stable and in great hands! When he wakes up he is in a beautiful sunny room. We should be able to make short visits today and hopefully home soon.


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