Today’s Is(m)…don’t act like you have been there already

Today’s ism comes as a reflection …I have been contemplating how well I actually give advice. Also, when I feel as though I have given advice successfully what does it actually look like? Who am I giving advice to? How am I saying it, when am I giving it?

People often look to others for advice but do they really want honest advice from someone who has been there? Or are they just looking to vent? Seeing as I am NOT the expert at this I looked for advice from none other than Buddha himself.

Okay, so I can quote a bunch of stuff from lots of people , get lots of likes and fellow leaders looking to my blog for inspiration or whatever it is that attracts someone to my blog but that does not make me an expert in any one thing. However, I am well versed in learning from my mistakes…the hard way.

As I consider Career moves into more of a Leadership role I feel the skills I need to hone fall in line with how well I can give advice to others and how a successful team benefits from the experiences of others. So, I looked for articles and posted a link to one of my favorites. Its short, sweet, to the point and reminded me of everything I know. Consistency is the key to my improvement.

So in conclusion  I am going to ask you, my fellow Tomorrow People, how do you best give advice? This girl can always learn but here is a little advice since YOU DID come all this way….instead of acting like you have been there, commit to just being in the moment. Remember you can always check out this great little article I found helpful!

Toni from Tomorrow


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4 Responses to Today’s Is(m)…don’t act like you have been there already

  1. Very good question. I use to give advice with by minding in own experiences and talk or write out from that. I can’t talk about anything I don’t have knowledge about, but then I can learn new.


    • tasullvan says:

      Its so true! I am the type of person who can sit all day long sharing stories on a rainy day in order to learn from one another. I used to be such a bad academic student. Over time I have come to cherish even the smallest experience and advice of others because it has helped me through rough times. I am finding myself the other position now and realizing not everyone cares at every moment what I have gone through. Sometimes the best advice is to just listen and wait for permission!


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