You should blog about this…..OK?so I did!

Saturday night while hanging out with some friends someone says, you should blog about this night. We laughed and the night moved on. Sitting in the corner observing my husband and his friends, most of whom I was friends with long before we met, I was the constant observer. Moving in and out of conversation, I realized that as much as things have changed for all of us, they really have stayed the same. The long nights of days gone by are a little shorter since we are older but the activities of yesterday still make us happy. Listening to music, with everyone playing DJ, shouting over each other in a small room filled with conversation, drinking, smoking and watching skate videos hasn’t escaped us as adults. The “guys” are good and I have always been able to be myself around people who let me. I fully and completely trust these people with the most important person in MY life and know that he has people who support him no matter how “crazy” he is (in a good way).

  The players, a soon to be Dad in the group, who is newly married and headed full speed into a beautiful life, his pregnant wife included!  A best friend who is a gracious host and made sure everyone had a place to sit. The “Angry” guy in the corner that wants to watch weird Japanese videos, so we do! The guys that slip in and out of the party, making sure they can see all their friends in one night. Two guys who travelled the distance to let me smell their cigarettes, now that I am not smoking.  A guy who has an “adult” car now and loves it! The whiskey enthusiast, the musician, the artist, the poet and the athlete all describe these “guys”!  Maybe next time we should play poker but I think it’s pretty cool that they are just all together and willing to do much of nothing to catch up.

Life has a mysterious way of bringing people together and tonight it was pizza and friendship. So when that friend says you should blog about this, I will say OK.  Although for some it was about Pizza, for me tonight and every moment I get to experience with friends means progress.  Thanks for letting me “crash” your pizza party now and again!

Stay Kind,
Toni fom tomorrow


Homemade sundried tomato, bacon pizza…with a side of yesterday.

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