The Judge, jury and firing squad are all ME!

It took almost 35 years for me to stop being my own judge, jury and firing squad and start cheering myself on.  I have been forever judging myself, forcing punishment upon the most important person to ever come into MY life…ME! How many of YOU are doing the same?

I am creating a space, not just in the tangled webs of a facebook, twitter or blog, but inside myself. Tomorrow for some of you may be too late, for others you may be watching it unfold and may even be slightly confused. I am sharing this because for years I have been confused too.

I can look back and talk about what life has “done” to me and start judging myself and everyone around me, letting the negativity fester. I choose to look ahead bringing forth what life has “done” FOR me and share it with the people around me.

Have you ever cast judgement upon yourself and realized that the stray bullets were the ones that actually caused the most damage? How do you repair these wounds? My answer has been meditation, present moment awareness and bringing back the thought that only my inner critic really needs to hear…..SȚOP!

These questions are not hypothetical. I created this space not to just vomit feelings on a page to feed my ego but out of the desire to allow others to share their thoughts. When I found a place that I could relate to it changed my whole definition of acceptance. I want to hear your thoughts, your proclamations to yourself and how you calm the raging waters inside you…GO!


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