35 things I NOW know at 35…and counting!

Hello there People of Tomorrow!I am super excited to share with you this Holy Grail List of Wisdom I have acquired in my short time on Earth. To celebrate my 35th birthday I spent some time reflecting in the woods. I started to list topics and realized these were things that I have learned in my 35 short years. When I look back at the basic fundamentals of what I have gathered over the years this is what I have come up with. There is a lot more than just 35 things but in honor of turning 35 I challenged myself to narrow it down. This is my list and I am sure yours may be different so share with us what would be on your list and lets make a chain of knowledge! Show me your street cred!

Here Goes:

1.I can now run for President- this one an old friend reminded me about and I thought it was interesting because 35 is really not a milestone birthday but he found a way to make it one. There are many lessons to be learned there but I will not be campaigning for 2016…stay tuned!

2. Smoking Cigarettes is bad.As of today I am officially 6 months smoke free and loving it! Everyday is a challenge so keep starting over if your trying to quit a bad habit. You have tons of support, not too many people like a smoker these days.

3.Experience the grey area, not everything is so black and white.

4. It is possible to make good coffee at home!

5. I am naturally a great cook, it was just hidden all those years!

6. The hard times are no fun but they make you who you are and much more interesting.

7.You can be really excellent at your job but if people do not like you it will be really difficult to make a difference.

8.Life is short, do not people please. Please yourself others will follow!

9.Figure out your personality type or learning style.

10. Do not just be helpful, be easy to help.

11.When someone is really hurting and you do not know what to say,don’t just say nothing. Say something and say it from your heart!

12.Coffee dates are just as good as any and sometimes better, definitely cheaper!

13.Good change is stressful.

14.Failure is not a verdict!

15.Spend time to get really good at something. Practice really does make perfect.

16.Before you say you can’t do something remember that someone said the same thing and yet right now they ARE doing it!

17. Hire a counselor before you need one.

18.Personal Growth is messy, go for it! Your work is NEVER done.

19.Let your facial expressions speak first when someone you love enters the room. Be happy to see someone and someone will be happy to see you!

20. If you are not sure what to do, eat a sandwich…it will come eventually.

21. When it comes to coffee, ice cream and cheese buy the good stuff…it’s worth it!

22.Everything in moderation so you can enjoy it longer.

23. Eat when your hungry for nutrition but do not be too hard on yourself!

24. Exercise MUST be FUN!

25. No matter what we are we WILL be our parents so be kind to them.

26.There is no point in comparing yourself to others there will only ever be one you so BE IT!

27.Forgiveness is for yourself not for others so free yourself from your past and forgive yourself.

28. Seeking the truth is sometimes uncomfortable but worth it. Basically, the truth hurts but it makes it easier in the end.

29. Practice self compassion, you will never be a MASTER but you will always have peace.

30. When you lie the only person you are hurting is yourself.


32.Always be grateful. The more grateful you are the more greatness you will receive.

33. Neutrality is key to consciousness. Pretty much remaining calm.

34. Be happy to be the beginner and you will always succeed.

35. Make Art, Music and love as much as possible, it will make life a lot easier!

So that’s it! 35 things I think I know at 35. I have a lot more to learn and grow but now that I have the hindsight I can now use all of this for good and not evil! So, are you ready to show your street cred? You don’t need 35 but share your wisdom below, you never know who might benefit.

Until then, be kind.


Toni from Tomorrow!







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13 Responses to 35 things I NOW know at 35…and counting!

  1. idiotwriter says:

    LOVED THIS! So many here I just had to smile along with. But that grey area – man oh man – I do actually need to get me some black and white areas to be fair 😉
    Having a sandwich REALLY does help things to formulate better in ones mind – and …
    As for no 35 – hell yeah!


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