Today’s ISm….Make it Meaningful?

Good Afternoon here in EST. Time! It’s a beautiful Fall day and dinner is in the oven. So I was silently having a conversation with my other self and was thinking about what it means to everyone to have a meaningful life. You can read some research in the great article below that highlights information from a Stanford University perspective in a study of happiness and a meaningful life. I read it, however I have my own idea of a meaningful life and its ever changing. So then I started to think about what it means to others and what makes your life meaningful So what is it? What is it that you wake up for, what is it that when things seem to be working against you that you can think of or turn things around? We all have it, that something! Now can you share it?!

I am still thinking about it….

Toni from Tomorrow

P.S. Be Kind, do it with meaning!

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