Today’s Ism…..Mindfulness, what’s that?


So…mindfulness. As you read this 1,000 articles are probably being written about this subject. It is the word of the day everywhere lately. I have been practicing this now for a while, bringing myself back to meditation and eating healthier in 2014. As we enter the 4th quarter phase of the year these things have definitely made me more mindful in the moment. Have I really let go of the past, the things that I carried with me everyday? I can truly say I have! I have settled down, started to figure out my career path and allowing the Universe to guide me. This is not a phase or a fad for me, this is how I choose to live the rest of my life. My husband is totally on board and is also reaping the benefits of meditation and slowing down a bit, when we can. I am definitely not claiming to be “mindful” in every moment but I am IN every moment. This training has definitely allowed me to recognize when I am feeling anxious, in a hurry or stressed out!!!! It has also allowed me to help others which scientifically makes me and others HAPPY. Heading into a new phase of my life is definitely exciting, nerve wrecking and wonderful all at the same time. When was it that you realized your beliefs and started living your life to the fullest? If it hasn’t happened yet, my recommendation to you is to slow down, listen to the universe and realize your potential!

As Always, Be Kind

Toni from Tomorrow

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