Today’s Ism….Just Listen!


Listen up! This lovely morning I would like to touch on Active Listening.  If you follow Tomorrowism on Facebook and are participating in the Weekend Challenges,thank you.  If you haven’t  seen them yet but would like to participate  come on over, it’s  not too late! I’m  thinking about a raffle for those that open themselves to participating  and share their stories  but more on that later….

That moment, the one where  I am required to listen is now the most important  one. Honestly,  I have to confess that was not always the case. Please don’t  get me wrong, I  feel I always made people  know I care in my own way,I just do more of it and differently now. When Active Listening  was brought into my own personal practice it changed things for me. This is when I feel people actually  started taking notice that I am a positive, changing being who shows gratitude towards everyone,not just where I choose.

So, the practice…well it sounds easy, just listen!  Well, as I found out the hard way, it’s more than an open ear, eye contact and a reassuring nod or two. All of those things work but sometimes showing people you are listening is not about what you say next but continuing to listen. This was the hard part for me! So many times we listen with the intent to speak. I am not perfect by any means and make no claims to be but now that I have made myself more aware it is getting easier. I slow myself down more in conversation, ask more meaningful questions  and get better answers. All of the things have changed my relationships  with others and more importantly, myself.

I listen, not with the intent to speak but to hear your struggle. I act, with compassion, to ease your pain. We celebrate life, show gratitude, stay positive and listen to each other.

Now it’s your turn! Choose someone today to practice your active listening skills with, do not tell them, just do it. When you are about to speak step into the moment and ask yourself 3 questions. Is what I am saying truthful, is it with compassion, is it going to move the conversation  into a more positive direction? Come back and share your story.

Please remember to take part in the Weekend Challenges, it’s  not too late! Follow me on Facebook and let me know you are participating.

Toni  from Tomorrow

P.S. Be kind!

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