About Is(m)’s


Tomorrow Is(m)’s have always played an important role in my life. With each day bringing it’s ups and downs I always look to tomorrow for hope for positive change.

In my life I have and (still do) learn things the “hard way.” In thinking back on this, my self-realized stereo-typed learning style, I recognize that although I made mistakes, I really did learn from them. How wonderful would it have been if my older self was able to speak to my young self and let her know it would all be okay.

The one idea that stays the same for me is my thoughts about Tomorrow. The end of the night when I am thinking about my day and what I want Tomorrow to be like. The actions I can take in order to prepare me for what’s next. Whether it’s work, a test, a big event, hanging out with friends. Everyone goes through a time when they are just not sure that Tomorrow will be better. I create Is(m)’s to live by inspired by the things that bring forth change in my attitude or thoughts and rule out the negativity.

Is(m)’s can be a change in thought,image or action, YOU choose! You may say wait Toni, Tomorrow is NOT a Promise! Yes, Yes…I know, I know! BUT my Is(m) is a promise to myself, to the future me and those around me that I will, no matter what happens remain positive. I will pay that positive energy forward. I will no longer look to today’s barriers and transfer them to Tomorrow but instead will use my positve thoughts, images and actions to not only help myself but help other’s apply it to their live as well!

Come on a journey as we create our Is(m)’s together to a BETTER TOMORROW!


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